A highlight from Ron James - All Over The Map


Today's my co host the grape jennifer kalari. She's joining us in just a minute here. And this is the show where we practice mental health skills with comics entertainers performing artists directors actors producers. All kinds of funny people will unite mental health comedy. But we do it as a practice because mental health is a practice. It's something that you practice like basketball. I'm no good at basketball. I'm not great at mental health. But i'm learning i'm practicing and when it comes mental health. We're all children. No one is head. no one is behind. We're all learning the same way. Our brain works everything. It's all happening here today. we have special guest. We have a guest who is From canada very popular all over the world especially in canada his home. And that's comedian. Ron james has a new book called all over the map and we're going to talk to him about being all over the map. We're gonna talk about a few things today. Do you compare yourself to other people sometimes constantly. You care more about what other people think of you than what you think about yourself. Do you feel like you're surviving or living. Those are things that are on my mind. And i want to get it off my chest today before i take my drugs for the day and i'll be taking them. They're in a lazy. Susan fulla pills spin it to everything.

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