How Team Retreats, Even Virtual Ones, Can Build A Strong Work Culture


Now. Building strong culture in your business is huge. Because this will allow you to motivate your team members. Even when you're not washing those people will go to work every day. Working hard for your business. That doesn't happen by accident. The happens by design. You have to actually build that culture you have to instill the culture and it takes a lot of time a lot of work one of the things. That speeds up that process that reinforces. It makes a super strong. It's kind of like a booster shot is a team retreat because you're spending a condensed amount of time with people doing a lot of activities stepping out of your normal work routine doing things for fun doing things to get to know each other. You build bonds you built connections and that culture becomes even stronger and stronger and it happens very quickly. This is what. I love team retreats. Now this is incredibly powerful in person. But it doesn't mean just because you can't do it in person. You shouldn't do it at all and this is the conclusion we came up with. We went on a virtual tree because we know. A virtual tree is better than no retreat. It's not the same we know. We're not as some exotic location. You know sipping cocktails in front of a beautiful pool. You know doing fun activities in person whether that's atv being or bike riding in a rice patty whatever it is all that stuff sounds amazingly fun and doing it over a video call is just not the same i get it but even if i get fifty percent of the results i get from a in person or tree. That fifty percent of the result is better than zero percent. This is really drove nicole night to say. Let's do a virtual tree now. What does that even look like. So you can't just treat your virtual treats like a real life in prison retreat because it's just not the same so what we're doing is we're actually just running a retreat week and we're not doing the retreat the whole week. We're actually going to carve out a couple of sessions every day three days a week. It's going to be retrea week and we're going to take time off our busy schedule. Everybody in the company for few days that we to do this retreat. Do these retrea activities which are fun which are team building which will also be informative where we'll talk about the future of the company and what's coming down the line but also have a lot of fun doing team building activities having dinners having parties getting to know each other and because we're we're growing team there are new team members at join all the time and we need to get to know them. We got some old hands on our team and they're great but they need to get in on the new peoples

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