How Podcasts Are Taking Off in China With Louisa Lim of 'The Little Red Podcast'


I'll put the little red podcast has been going for five years now. We just had our fifth anniversary. And i remember when we started it. We actually wanted whether there was even space for another podcast on china because at that. Time is one podcast seneca which seemed to be the massive podcast. This'll grand old daddy of podcast been going to such a long time and we did think. Is there any space for anyone else in the field but we will give it a go and see how it goes now. Of course we've seen this kind of explosions. He said precaution. China i think a long time the put costing about china was also exclusively in english. Now another thing that we see is a lot off interest in chinese language. Podcasting about china's. You know those kind of audience that you can get doing chinese-language costs it is crazy. So i think you're all these different opportunities opening up and jihad also showing. The puck costs on china reaching different audiences. Ours was always quite nowadays. Focused at academics. And journalists policymakers people with kind of very deep interest in china. But i think we're also seeing that General audiences more and more interested in all kinds of china contact and podcast is just. It's the perfect. Delivery system isn't

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