A highlight from BOX352: Zip Lock Body Bags


Bizarre the unexpected a bit and wash asleep you inside. The box auditees. These are weird times. We live in sweetie you We're getting ready. Of course to move relocate the show to orlando and ourselves we will be there also So we're we're we're liquidating all stock. Everything must go at unheard off prices. If count all over yeah. We've had a couple of yard sales. We've got a dumpster in the front yard and we're taking things to various donation sites and it was on the weekend and the big donation sites weren't open. There's this one little neighborhood. Furniture donation place goes privately run. I don't know what it benefits We don't care as long as this is not our problem anymore. We had lent a sofa to some family members and they brought it back thinking we wanted to take it to orlando with us which we did not know especially when we got it back and it was covered with like spaghetti sauce. I mean it wasn't covered. They were a few spots on may not have been spaghetti sauce. It may have been a blood product of some sort. I demand anyway. It was a little bit stained. So i take it to this donations site and i'd been there a couple of times before not the highest quality place. He takes a look at the so funny goes now we. We can't take that here like what. Your store smells like urine. You can't take the sulphur because it's got some spaghetti sauce on it okay. All right well. We wouldn't want to offend your clientele. Who obviously don't have any olfactory systems. That are working. I mean i get it. I think it's important that we have nice things for people And i it wasn't it wasn't that bad then i mean i was using it. I think it was hot and he just didn't want to unload it. Oh well maybe that was maybe. Maybe he's afraid that some people are tomato sauce or or blood product. That could have been a thought. It was a murder couch murder. Ch- that's the next season of american horror story. I found this story today and it blew my mind. I'm looking forward to share in this in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight. There were a group of men they were. They were digging ditches. In finland we just got an email from finland by the way that was fun. If the country where i quite liked to be. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon and one of the workmen's shovels struck something hard and so they started digging around. It and work came to a stop because it was obviously some sort of metallic object in it. Peaked everybody's interest. It turned out to be an old viking sword. I wanna find an old viking sword to but there was so much more work of course came to a halt they call me huges lapsed right back into everything must go so much more. That's right fifty percent off outed goes at unheard of prices. Plenty of free. Parking ask are friendly knowledgeable staff okay. You were saying viking sword. Yeah so the the work comes to a halt because you know you gotta call him the archaeologist when you find stuff like this so they show up and they began their meticulous work of uncovering what turned out to be the most unusual viking grave that they had found again. This was nineteen sixty eight inside the grave. What they discovered was a skeleton still dressed in women's clothing next to two swords in addition they found in the grave extreme. An extremely soft feather blanket valuable furs jewelry and other priceless objects now. This was confusing to the archaeologist. Because on one hand you've got this woman she's buried in rare and priceless objects of beautiful gown. But she was also buried with two swords. And normally burying somebody with swords that was reserved for male warriors. Vikings that were men. That were fighting vikings viking fighters. My brain wants to combine those words. And i can't find a good way to do it. Bikers vining vining fight hikers bikers. So what they assumed was. This was probably a double grave that maybe a couple had been buried together and then the guy had been misplaced or dug up or moved or lost or something. That's such a weird assumption lake. Well there must have been a guy in here. Yeah sorry it's like the old riddle like a a man and his son come into the emergency room and the only surgeon there is the parent of the sun. How is that possible. And it's like well. I don't know and then it's like well. Surgeon was his mother. like is it really that outlandish. te'o brain will. This was confusing for them. They had never found a female buried with viking warrior swords. Before i wouldn't have got it. It's fine i wouldn't have no. I'm not a riddle guy. No you are not so for decades they were. They were very confused about

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