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It. Real 92 3 new home for hip hop is standing up against racism and racial injustice in all our communities. Big boy's neighborhood Luigi Up in here, man. There's been some moves, bro. Yeah, man, You can't tell me LeBron James is a managing files is managing the Lakers right now with Rob Pelinka, bro. These guys are making moves big and 18 years ago. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony both joined the NBA with the first pick in the 2000 and three NBA draft. The Cleveland Cavaliers select LeBron James This is a long time drink. They probably showed that the hall work has finally paid off with the third pick. The Denver Nuggets Select Carmelo Anthony. Have one in three basketball of the game of fun of me having funded it'll be a few replaying. Yeah, man, 18 years Flash forward now Big Carmelo Anthony is now a Los Angeles Lakers that's played the man base back in the team over there. Yeah, man, Obviously, we know the addition of Russell Westbrook and Dwight Howard. And, uh, you never read for arreaza coming back and man, just the other moves with Kendrick Nunn Malik Monk like them snatching of these many players, the Lakers don't look the same from last season at all American clearly different team and you know it's a trip, though, man we shall see because I thought the makers look good. You know what I'm saying? We got we got the championship. I thought the Lakers look good. And and we we we shall see. And I saw this one thing where it was like everybody was like 35 Plus or something like that. You know what I'm saying? I'm looking at that. And then did you see the meme or this One picture where it had, like magic Johnson, and he was getting his hair braided. Oh, my God. It was one of those things where they're bringing everybody back. So magic is ready to come back to. I saw one that said Manny Pacquiao just joined the Lakers for one. Yeah, man. Everybody believe that I got to open up the email that I got from them because they probably want me to do a year. I love a dog. Take it might as well man. Hey, man, This is either gonna be genius or goofy, right? You know what I'm saying? But I think it's a genius Move, man. Just on paper. It's like a championship team right there all of like, Yeah, it's just I just hope they pulled so many great deals to man. Did you see, Uh, Curries deal? Oh, yeah. Curry. Gotta go.

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