Judge Allows Defamation Lawsuits Against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell to Go Forward


Sweet oh that was the rendition of god. Bless america that greeted conference goers at the cyber symposium that has been underway all week in south dakota hosted by the ceo of a pillow company. Whose name mike lindell. Mr lindahl has been in the news this week. You might have seen because a very conservative. Trump appointed judge in washington. Dc just allowed a massive multibillion dollar lawsuit to go forward against him and rudy giuliani and trump. Lawyer sydney powell. That lawsuit was filed by dominion voting systems. The voting machine company that has been vilified by former president trump and his supporters. With all sorts of wild conspiracies about how that company is somehow to blame for the conspiracy that led trump to appeared. Lose the election when secretly he won dominions massive lawsuit against giuliani and powell and mister lindell for promoting those claims. This week that was allowed to go forward in federal court That's why his name has been in the news this week. But mr limbaugh has been in the news a lot since the election is. He has spent every waking hour Promoting these trump related conspiracies about the election.

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