Republicans Compare Viktor Orban to Communists


Tucker. Carlson went to hungary last week. As many of you know. He was the speaker on saturday at a conference of young conservatives from all over europe especially eastern europe in depeche and i was the speaker of the day before and he has been an eye as well but he much more as attacked because he had viktor orban's on his program. There are bond is the head of of hungary so this is what they say. Give you an idea of the low level of the never-trumper world so these putative republicans condemned us for going. We are no different than leftists. Who went to communist countries. I know virtually all of these people. And i must tell you. My disappointment in moral idiocy is deep. You have no idea how. Well i know. Some of them and one for forty years to compare or monto communism. You can hate her. Bundle your life or are there Torture chambers and hungary like they weren't hungary and communism the that many people the communist killed in eastern europe is is he murdering people in in hungary. How about a basic thing like this. There was no way you could travel. Outside of the communist bloc when eastern europe was communist a hungarian has the freedom to travel anywhere in the world. The comparison of victor oregon to communists is another example of people trivializing communist evil. It's like comparing people to nazis. All you do is trivial is nazi evil.

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