A highlight from Grape Therapy: Predictions for Paradise and 20ish First Date Questions with Justin Glaze


But it's it's it's the moving. I feel like moving is also so life altering like it changes everything so you probably like almost in like you're safe place at home where you're like. Do i step outside of my safe place in make a big change and then he started thinking about everything that goes into it so. That's pretty normal that you're doing that. I was but i feel like yeah this point because i've i've been wanting to move for for years but like my my majority my family's home like i know the city in an out and i'm so comfortable but like i feel like i need to branch out in you know. Try something new. So we'll we'll see it's such an easy train ride to get back home. Which is good yeah. I'm such a nerd like every about sidled. Google maps ram. I went to do those. Really stand out in new york to your like. If you're not a new yorker get the hell out of the way but that's you digest quick but that there's two things i say in life that like really helped me grow as a person. It was moving away from home and going on the bachelor so you really rose human. Yeah this is the perfect time to get that fresh. Start somewhere coming off of this totally. But yeah i've almost gotten hit by like three cars here. People were like somebody get out of the way so like off to opt to adjust quickly. But you have to. You have to do learn quickly to survive there. That somebody i was gonna ask you if you're just so sick of talking about your time on the show because i feel like every interviewed like let's talk about your facial expressions and why you didn't get a lot of airtime. I only have one question about that time on the show. And then i've got a. I've got a fun game. My one question is obviously did not see enough and we all know that but did your parents watch back the season because i know they were like. Can you really fall in love. And you're upset and they didn't come today. Watch back and believe more in the process or see a change in you. They were definitely more so on the skeptical side at first right and they're more you know and it was an interesting conversation before i even went on because they're kind of more traditional in the way they approach things right like you know. Both college got their master's good jobs in the past that. I've gone as well but i feel like i'm the type of person where i'm i'm i'm more so willing to take some risks in life and you know kind of you know better myself and take a chance you know and it's just my personality atop always been and so i explained that to them You know my dad's more so like the the okay like Gimme your reasons why you wanna do this. Grown man do it by mom's like the protective like real people. Say mean things about you on the internet and all this you know you're gonna be gone and that's where she was coming from and so it was just a conversation of explaining why i wanted to do it and letting her know that. Like listen you gotta trust me. I know what. I'm what i'm getting myself into but like right. I'm okay with betting on myself. And and seeing how things on fold and it's funny they you know they kind of did a. My mom didn't want eighty and it's like a week before we were leaving and she's like all excited she's like my coworkers talking all about it like this cool And i'm like now now on. What about the ship. I'm getting nervous a week out like i was excited before now. And she's all excited like we kind of flip but then you know. Watch no coming home. You know as i said at air far I came home. I didn't talk to anybody for a couple of days. Just letting things process. And i just. I just wasn't in the space to want to talk anybody that and when i went home to talk to them you know i sat my parents down and i wanted to kind of fill them in on some of the tough conversations that i had with katie because of into that point quite honestly had not even had those conversations with them and it was so tough. I remember being in my room changing before the night portion. Just freaking out like you know. I don't want this to come off. Like i'm just saying things for tv and it's just like at this point in the relationship. I have to talk about things that are important to me in my family. You know kind of explain to her. Why the way that i am and so i was freaking out because like i said i have not talked about a lot of this stuff and so I did and obviously i. You know when. I went hommos. Hey guys like from warn you like this. These are some of the things i talked about. And i it wasn't just for tv. Like i was really dating this girl and you know and i was so nervous but you know they understood and they asked me you know. What are the some of the things that i took from this and you know opening up in just not being afraid to have those conversations. My mom's like even today. Like i like you would never do this before so. This is one of the things that you've taken from this. I'm so grateful that you went on the show because you know she would always ask me. I never opened up about like my personal life like my dating life. I just never talk to my parents. It and they would always ask me what. What are your paintings need. And i would just like. I'll tell you what it's i don't wanna talk about it. Everything i just kept up here and my mom like before i left shoes like hey by the way.

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