Late-Stage Cancer Healing with Life Coach Tara Coyote


Why the time. I moved back home to hawaii which was in the winter of two thousand nineteen and for the next few months. I was in such bad health space. I had so much cancer my lungs. I can't hold a conversation. I had to sleep sitting up for two months. Because i had so much cancer my lungs i was literally choking in my sleep. My bones were breaking down. I started walking with a cane. During that time i was referred to hospice and it was petrifying. You know i was losing weight. It was it was clear on my way out. And i'm very fortunate that the medical system here in hawaii they have aloha spirit. You know it's all about love and acceptance and my doctors here. They didn't push me. They weren't blowing me in the same way unfortunately did a northern california and they said listen. You know doing chemo could possibly save your life. But if you don't you probably have six months to live which it was true like my. I was dying. My partner at the time was literally scared. I would die in my sleep. So i had to face my worst fear of doing chemotherapy and face a lot of the traumas around my best friend. Deb's staff and i really sat with a question of do i wanna live. Do i want to do what scares me. The most and my son was twenty. Six at the time. And i thought i wanted to be here for my son. I had so many friends in my similar situation. Who had died from adhering to the natural route and i saw myself going that direction so i really checked in with myself and i said okay. I'm gonna do chemo. I'm gonna face my fears. I did the work of byron. Katie really questioned my thoughts and turn it around like you know at first. I thought he is poison. That will kill me. And i was in the public is sharing this message to so i really humble myself to turn this message around and tell the public okay. I'm doing chemo now So i had to turn the thought around from it. Being poisoned to it being healing nectar and i started doing chemotherapy It was very hard but it was a tremendous rothe experience. I'm so grateful. I did

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