The Haunted Hallway


As a kid. I used to have a lot of issues asleep arouses. I didn't know at the time it was. And that was pre internet pre dr phil kind of thing But i used to wake up a lot in the guy felt like goes being pulled from my bed. i used to have a lot of. I guess like hallucinations. Because i know there's a medical description for sleep paralysis but often see a lot of strange things in my room so there was a lot of times i spent a lotta nights sharing a room with my brother because i was just terrified to go to sleep at night. I don't think that had anything to do with what was going on in the house. But it kind of made me. I don't know maybe open to just being scared and looking for those kinds of things. That would terrify a child. Because i couldn't understand what was happening to me at nights and And i never really talk my parents about it until as an adult so they never really knew how how much i struggled but Yeah basically the house was a nineteen fifties rancher. My dad always told us like a post second world war house. He bought it off a gentleman who is actually terminally ill with cancer and basic. The previous owner. As far as i know passed away but part of the house was left unfinished an area of the house that we call the room. It was kind of a no go zone especially when we were kids later did become a bedroom but the house was a basic rancher on one side it had a garage on the opposite side of the house that had a living room and kitchen and it was just connected you know the two sides are connected with the long hallway had three bedrooms and a bathroom. The two bedrooms that me and my brother had were across from each other closes to the garage in the bathroom has crossed my parents closer to the living room in the kitchen. So i do. I'm a little nervous. It's hard for me to kind of figure this stuff out but Yeah it's all good man. Yeah my Basically the hallway was just kind of unspoken no-go zone for me and my brother. And i actually spoke to him yesterday. He's not as open to the subject as i am but It was just an area of the house. You didn't go especially as a kid. We never walked in the hallway so he had to leave your benjamin go to the kitchen me. It was leave your bedroom. Go and run in a full sprint. Was never just nonchalantly walking minding your business. We didn't play in the hallway as kids until we got older. We it would just be a full sprint from the living room to the bathroom from the bathroom to the garage. It didn't matter where you're going. You never walk in the hallway

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