The Creation Story of With Founder Colin Chartier

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Colin chartier started making video games. When he was young he used to play warcraft. Three which had a powerful map editor for users he recalls that one game map was called goblet exploration where you were stuck in the middle nowhere and you had to make civilization. He found that this was really good for learning how to make things that people want it. He lives in toronto and is a twenty minute bike ride from the waterfront many days. He will head down to the beach and work from there. New enjoys getting outdoors. When he doesn't have to call schedule that day in his prior startup. he found that he and his team were very sensitive to breaking changes as it was critical to deliver information in a timely manner. So much so that customers would turn. If anything broken the critical chain he created something to fill this gap prior venture which he was offering up to friends and colleagues via open source. This is the creation story of layer. Ci now called web dot. Io layer ci helps software developers review. The work proposed by other suffer developers. Think about you know. You're you're making a sites that sells pizza people so you have your website. You have a couple of software developers. They're making changes to the website. And you want to that. If one developer proposes a change the other developer. Make sure that the change has broken anything so a developer if they make a code change might make that the by pizza doesn't work anymore which would be a really big problem for your business. So essentially gives developers in the environment. The has everything set up with this new change and then the developer can actually like try the product so they can try buying a pizza like customer would and then make sure that everything has worked crespi

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