A highlight from Ep 493 | Wake Up, America! Our Lifestyle Is Killing Us | Guest: Dr. Mark Sherwood


Monday's hangover tuesday. It's it's the most underrated day of the week here in studio twenty two mothership. We're gonna talk about all kinds of things today with one of our favorite marines. Jason buckle chief researcher blaze. Tv is in the house. Sir yes i want to show you something only wanna get your i wanna get your initial just boom when you see it just like what your first thought is. And then i'll tell you mine. Put that full screen up. That i asked for their they are in the palace taliban said around the the presidential desk there ashraf ghani is loaded his car up with cash and hit the road alabama's and control your thoughts unfathomable negligence. The most egregious dishonor. That's ever been done in our country and her vets that ever fund there. It's the first thing that comes to my mind. You know what. I see what you see. Not a damn mask no mask no asks no diversity there either. There's no women. Why don't they have a female press. Secretary where's the scottish volleyball team. No diversity not a single. Nobody's nobody's got a blue lives matter flag it is weird how they're just completely disregarding. Cdc guideline rats. They just like just nothing. Did you see through that clip. Up there of the the cnn anchor. What's her name kerry. This i forget her name every time. Throw that that one picture of that. Did you see this of her. She's reporting there. in kabul. it shows august fifteenth and then the next day shows august sixteenth. Got chance to solis. ginger rapper. There she has this one day different. She's she's sitting there. Complete westerner right there clerks award. That's her name and now she's got her job there. That's why you don't have any diversity. She that's a very brave chick. I will like seriously. I've seen her report like in syria and stuff and she don't care she's right in it. I did find her reporting on it kind of interesting. Did you see what she was saying. She pulled another. This is the cnn playbook. They have to use this line but she's out in front with her job on. She's like yeah. It's kinda crazy chanting death to america but it's a relatively peaceful. They're pretty friendly either. You know pretty crazy. We'll play the clip Chris chanting death to america but they seem friendly at the same time utterly bizarre bizarre salon. She's a she's a bowl check. That's for sure man. Glad you're on the show. We're gonna talk Going to get some of your expertise later on we got to talk about some of these covert stuff. My friend dr mark. Sherwood's going to join us in the next segment He is a doctor. You've heard me talk about it He's got a great practice their tulsa oklahoma and he gave us a link for our listeners.

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