Has Cam Newton Secured the New England Patriots' Starting QB Job?


Newton and mack jones strong showing and the patriots preseason win which capped off bill belichick described as a good week finally felt like cam newton. Joe was able to take a little bit more of a strong hold on the grip of the patriots quarterback competition. He looked good in the start. Eight of nine hundred and three yards finish with one touchdowns. One on one touchdown no interceptions. He played three series before. Mac jones the rookie than took over jones first-round pick from alabama was also quite productive in this outing. Thirteen for nine thousand nine hundred forty six yards over four series. He had no touchdowns and no interceptions so all week long. We were talking about houses quarterback competition going to go in new england. Who's going to separate themselves. How are they gonna look now that they actually get to see some competition during the week in practice with those joints against philadelphia. I was reading earlier in the week. Just about how those practices went and that it was jalen hurts of all people who was standing apart of all the quarterbacks that we saw in philadelphia but now with cam newton and mack jones. This makes this one of the more interesting quarterback battles of the preseason because you have an incumbent in cam newton who was played a lot more seasons of professional football than his counterpart mack jones anecdote always feels like bill ballot checks to give him this final shot to prove himself and so far looks like he's off to a pretty good start.

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