Cadaver Dog Trainer Jayson Harames on Training Dogs to Find Human Remains



When i was training mazi i didn't start off during cadaver work. We actually started off during life. Find work and so we would present to him a particular scent of a person of the article a glove a hat whatever it is in and he would follow that sent and track that person till ultimately the destination of the end. And every time i work with my dog i go wow. That's incredible. he did that. So you mentioned mazi can track off. An article of clothing can mazi also detected a cadaver. Yes Or is it different dogs do different functions. Yes to that as well in search and rescue there's primarily to groups of working dogs. There's life find dogs and then there's cadaver dogs and within those two groups there's also other areas. The dogs could work in for instance. Lie find you can have just a general wilderness search where the dog is looking for any human scent. If you didn't have an article or you don't have a track that you could follow is just gonna find a human then coming get the handler and take them back or in the case of missing persons or whatever they come across a cadaver. They're they're trained to to recognize. That sounds so you don't really have to present a cadaver sample to your dog to go be hard right well and let me clarify to go. Look for cadaver. 'cause you actually train on cadaver samples to get your dog to that point For instance. I have my kids teeth from when they were little and they'd fall out he hold onto those things. Those are training aids placenta. Training aid We also get donations from funeral homes or consent from hospitals We have hipbones in different various samples. But what intrigues me about. The cadaver work is if you think about introducing. Your dog assent and teaching them. What that is well case a cadaver. That sense always changing

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