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Including all of New York City hard to imagine that people simply in their cars in their homes and their basements succumb to a the ravages of a brutal storms. Several people in Queens, New York, died when their basement apartments flooded. Amtrak has suspended all service between Washington and New York City due to flood damage from Ida in California. Better weather is helping fire crews battle a huge wildfire that's threatening communities around Lake Tahoe. But the caldera fire was grown to about 210,000 acres. Is only about 25% contained. A prosecutor and the Ahmad Armory Murder case in Georgia is indicted for misconduct during the investigation. Jackie Johnson, an ex Brunswick judicial circuit d. A. Is accused of tampering with the probe into our Berries. Death armory died after being shot by want to run through a neighborhood. Johnson is charged with hindering the investigation by delaying arrests by more than two months Father and son Greg and Travis McMichael, as well as William Roddy Brian face murder charges. The indictment says Johnson's insisting that Travis McMichael not be arrested showed favor to the accused. She claims she did nothing. Illegal foxes Gurnal Scott America is listening to Fox News. Farmers and producers. We all know that you work your butts off, trying to get the crops

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