A highlight from How to Engage Your Audience (1 of 5)


First lesson in a special audio course here on how to engage your audience many of you know that i was a corporate trainer for many years and a lot of that time was spent with clients helping folks to communicate better especially when speaking and presenting in a big question. I got from a lot of clients who showed up in courses back then and i still get today is how do i show up well in front of my audience whether that audiences in person or online while i'm going to answer that question in detail in this course i've literally had thousands of hours in both training and facilitation experience in front of groups in the last twenty years had been through a ton of training myself on presentation and facilitation with dale carnegie and with toastmasters and lots of other places along the way and probably most importantly for this course. I've seen the real world successes and sometimes the failures of folks who like most of us just want to show up well in front of others in a professional capacity. There's a lot. I could say but i'm going to zero in on the five things that i think are really timeless that transcend industry medium purpose of the presentation. You name it by the end of this. Course you'll have some key practical steps you can put into practice right away. Many of you know that.

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