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Jack Callahan, Fox News the president traveling Friday to Louisiana to see the damage done by Hurricane Ida president Biden told Louisiana residents not to worry that the federal government is there for them and folks. I know you're hurting. I know you're hurting, he said from ST John, the Baptist parish where all of the electrical substations were destroyed in the storm, that they're working to restore power, deliver food and water, make cell phone communication easier and keep gas flowing to gas stations. But he also used the visit and the storm to push his infrastructure bills. I've been working closely with the governor and our colleagues in Congress in both parties. My bill back better plan, saying any infrastructure that is rebuilt should be built back with more resilient boxes. Jessica Rosenthal, New York still stunned by the deaths caused by Wednesday's historic rains dumped by the Hurricanes, remnants Mayor Bill de Blasio planning a new evacuation alert system. Most of the storms victims in New York City drowned in their basement apartments. A Texas judge has shielded Planned Parenthood temporarily from lawsuits filed by a pro life organization and its members under the state's new restrictive abortion law that restricts abortion wants the pregnancy reaches the six week mark. The Labor Day weekend has arrived millions of Americans traveling on the last long summer weekend, Dr Rachelle Wolinski, the director of the Centers for Disease Control, says that's okay. As long as you've gotten the coronavirus vaccine

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