A highlight from BPR Full Show: Love in Dark Times


Some of our favorite conversations from the nantou distant past. We begin with bishop michael curry. Who joined us talk about. His new book lovers the way holding onto hope and troubling times. Welcome back to boston public radio. I'm jim browder. She is marjorie going dependent that is delivered none fathomable death. Toll amid racial unrest. Environmental calamities in political climate. That is fracturing the country bishop. Michael curry sees an opportunity for hope and he has good reason to as a descendant of people who were captured in the slave trade and quite possibly the british slave trade bishop curry was in the presence of the queen of england. Two years ago. Is you know delivering. An impassioned royal wedding sermon. If humanity ever captures the energy of love it will be the second time in history that we have discovered fire. Dr king was right. We must discover love the redemptive power of love. Let me do that. We will make of this old world a new thank. Goodness the power of love is central to bishop. Curry's latest book it's called love is the way holding on to hope and troubled times. We should warn the bishop that he's entering and often hope free zone here on the show. He is the head of the episcopal church. Bishop it. an honor to have you with us. Thanks so much for your time to be with you. So bishop of if i can start first second. Speaking of of hope free there were thousands of people in the streets of america last night in the wake of a decision in kentucky not to charge any of the officers for the killing of briana taylor in her own apartment. What was your reaction to both the decision and to the protests to be honest. I don't understand the decision. it doesn't make sense. Clearly an innocent person was was killed. This woman's life was taken And justice must somehow be done and I don't think it was done a yesterday to be very honest And and i believe that we must We must as a country worse work to do what is just and right for everybody And and we must do what we can to reform A public safety so that public safety so that everybody is protected. We want our beliefs to be protected. We want the people to be protected. We want a lawful community. But we've got to do what's right eight. We gotta make the reforms necessary So there aren't any more brianna taylor so that there aren't any more. I don't want to see anybody killed by anybody and we can work to do that. We've got to do it together. That's the one we have got to work together to find solutions so that this doesn't happen again and so that that child that innocent woman who trained to be an emt to save other people's lives so that others lives won't be taken like hers was if i may you speak of when you say we've got to heal and we've got to do it together and that means we have to do it together with people in one of the most polarized environments have not the most polarized environment. I can remember you talk about searching for common moral ground with those with whom we disagree most is. I think i speak for marjorie to we feel that those who disagree or off often almost different genetic species in some ways. How do you find common moral ground. These times i and the reality is you've got to be some kind of relationship. I mean you can't find common ground if you're not on it and so you've got old debate. The reality is we are going to have to intentionally work at relationships with people not only who are of different races or different religions or of different political of people who have different political and world views. We've got to work across our various aisles at nurturing. The kind of relation jets. That can put us in a place where we can navigate. Difficult question. I my concern. Is that we in. America have re segregated ourselves not only along the lines of raised but we re segregated ourselves as that book the big sort. The great sort says In terms of like mindedness of it Everybody gets information from the sources that they happen to agree on They're liberals have their sources conservative eb their sources People going to have their sources and we don't even talk to each other.

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