'The Inventor' Documentary Investigates the Rise and Fall of Theranos


Week. Marks the beginning of the elizabeth homes trial the case. Us versus homes began on tuesday with jury selection. One of my most favorite documentaries on my all time. Favorite list is the inventor executive produced by academy award winner. Alex gibney who also did enron the smartest guys in the room and hbo's emmy winning going clear scientology in the prison of beliefs this. Hbo documentary investigates the rise and fall of theranos the one time multibillion dollar healthcare company founded by elizabeth homes in twenty four elizabeth holmes dropped out of stanford to start a company that was going to revolutionize healthcare in twenty fourteen theranos was valued at nine billion dollars making her touted as the next steve jobs. The youngest self made female billionaire in the world but just two years later. Theranos was cited as a massive fraud by the sec and its value is less than zero so if convicted elizabeth holmes faces up to twenty years in prison plus two point seven five million dollars in fines as well as restitution to be paid out to victims drawing on extraordinary access to never before seen footage and testimony from key insiders. The inventor tells a silicon valley tale. That was too good to be true. It examines how this could have happened. And who is responsible while exploring the psychology of deception

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