Amanda Little Asks, What Is the Future of Our Food?

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We have a growing global population. We have growing demand for meat. We also have decreasing arable land. We have increasingly brittle an antiquated food supply chains and all of this is combined with these increasing climate pressures and there has to be a new approach. This is journalist. Amanda little and like a lot of us. She's trying to make ethical food choices for herself. I live in nashville tennessee. Land of barbecues. I am a shark and charmed waters and has been very hard for me to remove meat from my diet. And that's just one reason. Why amanda wrote a book called the fate of food. It's an investigation into what needs to happen to prevent future food emergencies. The international panel on climate change has said that by mid century the world may reach a threshold of global warming beyond which current agricultural practices will no longer support large human civilizations. And i've committed to memory it's at actual quote from a twenty fourteen. Ipc report because it's just such a staggering statement. When you put it like this. Amanda like part of me is like oh my gosh. It's enough to want to turn off the radio and cry. But i don't want people to do that because you know you've spent all these years traveling and talking to people who are trying to fix it yeah. This is a deeply troubling story. How do you feed the world. This is a question that has propelled and troubled civilization for the better part of thirteen thousand years right. And you have one side saying let's go back to the way things were industrial farming screwed. Everything up you know we. We need to d- infant our food supply and go back to sort of pre industrial agriculture.

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