The Catholic Church: Scandal in the Shadows With Margaret Mary OConnor


We are excited to have margaret. Mary o'connor with us today. How are you armed doing real good ladies having a year. Yes for so thrilled. Where would you like your story to begin. Well i guess it begins back in the nineteen fifties. When i was a young girl and i was raised in an irish catholic family and there was one incident in particular that regard a birthday gift that my brother paul received that actually brought out the inequality of woman in the catholic church and my mom had bought my brother Replica was a rural cardboard replica of church altar. So i remember bob were so excited. He immediately went behind the altar and assume the row of playing the part of a priest and he told myself and my twin sister pat Bring some chairs in here so we both got a share for ourselves and put him down right in front of the altar in we were like playing the role of parishoners. Well everything was fine until a certain point one. I remember. I stood up. And i told paul basically I wanted to play. The ro as appraised. And i'll never forget what he said he said can't be appraised. Your girl only girl only men. Can you know play their part saw. I basically learned a young age very quickly. That there definitely was a difference As far as you know assuming such a position in our

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