Millions Swelter Without Power in Louisiana Heat in Ida's Aftermath

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Than a million homes and businesses in louisiana are still without power today and it may be weeks before all the lights and the air conditioners turned back on. Hurricane ida has slowed to a tropical storm and moved north but it has left behind a tremendous mess flooded roads toppled power lines. Cars and houses swept away. At least four people are dead. Senator bill cassidy. A republican from louisiana joins us now from baton rouge senator. Thank you very much for making time for us today. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it look. I know you're no stranger to hurricanes in louisiana but when you recently flew over the southern part of your state in a us coastguard plane. Did you see anything that surprised. You were just just the grandma for example which is often had hard had obviously been completely washed oliver and one of my one of my colleagues said that he thought this was the worst. He's ever seen granddaughter Now maybe we should be surprised. It is an incredibly incredibly powerful hurricane and so we're not surprised On the other hand just to see the flooding. The devastation was heartbreaking in thankfully the levies. That protect new orleans held this time. Unlike what happened. Sixteen years ago during katrina. But senator as you well know. The power is out for a million people and businesses across the state and could be for weeks. It is very hot d. Do you feel like this could be a situation. Where many people survive the initial storm. But perhaps not the disaster that follows. Why don't think they'll die as long as they commonsense precautions but to your point the aftermath. We have to take care of just as much as we did preparing for the storm itself.

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