Influential Educators: NYC Sunday School Founder Catherine Ferguson


Became an anchoring force. And catherine or katie's life. Though she was never taught to read or write she became well versed in the bible as a young teenager. Katie began attending a local presbyterian church. It was a largely scottish denomination and katie soon. Made an impression on isabella. graham isabella was a scottish. Born philanthropist and the founder of a school for girls when katie was around sixteen years. Old isabella graham bought her freedom for two hundred dollars. Katie was initially given six years to work off the debt but isabella later agreed to eleven months of work for one hundred dollars. Isabella's son-in-law raised the other half of the money by the age of eighteen. Katie was free. She soon married and had two children. The both died in infancy to support herself. Katie began making cakes but she soon became increasingly concerned about the children she saw on the street. The devastation from the revolutionary war along with the huge influx of immigrants created dire levels of poverty throughout new york. That was especially true in lower manhattan. Where katie had spent much of her life in seventeen ninety. Three katie began gathering children from the streets on sundays for religious instruction. They met at her home at fifty one warren street. The reverend from her church soon heard of her classes. He offered her space in a spare room of his new congregation on murray street. That's actually the street i live on. Now it's believed that katie's was the first sunday school in new york city over the course of her katie took in forty eight children. Some she rescued from the city's poor houses others from their families. She would raise them herself or help. Get them placed in better situations. Katie never had much money herself having spent it all on her children but she had an endless supply of prayers and defeat

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