Boston Marathon Race Director, Dave McGillivray, Gives Advice for World Marathon Challenge Hopefuls


This week's guest on the show is a woman named deirdre keane. She was just featured on humans of new york and the running community was so excited. We were like a runner on humans of new york and her next big goal is that world marathon challenge any advice for her she signed. She's doing it like she has signed up. she's good. She's doing it next year if she's listening to this any advice for her well for me. It's like anything else before you can make a commitment like that. You have to earn the right to do it than what you can't do it on a buyer room that it's it's gonna come back to bite you so you have to do the work and i knew i could do the work. I been there before in terms of running that many miles consecutively day to day to day to day when i was wanted to fifty miles every single day for almost eighty consecutive days. So what's the big deal running twenty six miles for seven days in a row but the big deal is the fact attorney seven continents and so for me. It was more about not as much the training. 'cause that was a given but it was about the rat race in between and it was about sleep deprivation. It was about nutrition while flying was about recovery at thirty five thousand feet no sitting in a seat for twelve hours you know and then get often go run another marathon so trying to figure that all out it was about the weather. Temperatures in climates that we were in antarctica and it was whatever ten degrees and then back plane six hours later. You're in south. Africa running at eighty five degrees and your body's calling. Yeah not a lot of time to acclimate gave. You gotta figure that all out in advance. i mean i think anyone who serious about it does the training. I mean the running. I don't mean to be little it. It wasn't easy. I'm not saying disease but it was probably the less challenge in part of the overall experience for me was the running. When i was running. I was like thank god. I'm running like dumb. Does fly in done with this craziness. get employed. We get my luggage and all that stuff on buses and everything. I'm out here in the moment. Doing what i loved to do in impediment was like that was the calm. That was almost the easy pot. The running

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