Worried Trump Could 'Go Rogue,' Milley Took Secret Action to Protect Nuclear Weapons


Now the big story in washington. Dc and it really did grip the city yesterday is what the general milley say and doom did he say it after the new woodward and cost a book peril has appeared. The white house stepped forward to defend general milley against charges. He did anything inappropriate. Editorials in the washington post and the wall street journal both call for infant investigations and hearings under oath general milley for fear that he is compromised. Not merely american defense into conversations with china but the constitutional order. Now i have said from the beginning two days ago. Hold your fire on this. Wait and see. Acting secretary of defense miller who had replaced mark esperer at the time of the second call says he did not authorize the call and that's extraordinary cause for resignation. Mike pompeo went on fox with hannity last night and made some comments on this. What you to your secretary pompeo number one. I have no recollection of a conversation. Like that. look we were all pretty down. We are about to hand over the reins of foreign policy to what this administration we. We've seen these last eight months. What that means for the united states of america so if someone asked was excited about january twentieth and the fact that we were no longer going to have the capacity to secure american freedom. Count me for being a pretty dark place to. But what's important to know sean. Is you know all this has as a product that somehow there was. This fear there was there was a cabinet members. Run around concern. The donald trump was going to engage in some kind of rogue activity or some kind of act of war to sorta lash out. This never happened. Just it's just patently absurd and so the entire credit for all of this assessment that woodward is now laid out in his book. We'll see what turns out but make no mistake about it. During that entire time the entire time. I served all four years. We conducted orally foreign policy. We had national security team. That was working hard to make sure we make the best decisions. We possibly good. And i think the data set which show that. We did a pretty damn effect job and doing that.

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