Exploring The Murder of Yvonne Lane: Reaching Out to Joe Wilkes


It seemed like the best way to get to the bottom of what was going on was to finally speak to the man whose testimony landed david in prison for life. It was time to reach out to joe wilkes to be clear. I personally have not spoken to joe as you know the private investigators from proclaim justice advised me to let them do all the interviews during their preliminary investigation. Anything i may say or ask. A witness could taint their statements for the court. So john hardin wrote joe informing him of who he and danny wexler are and what they're doing reinvestigating the murder to find the truth of what happened now for i've seen between sue and joe hearing all the interviews. He's done with sue and other media. I did not think that joe would be too happy to hear from anyone plus if you remember even though he told police that he killed you on by cooperating and telling the police that david had hired him. He got a lesser sentence than david. Thirty years with the possibility of parole. Joe has already done twenty two years so he could be looking at freedom in just eight years. I figured he would have no interest in bringing all of this up again. I thought he would just wanna finish out his time and move on without any of the mass that happens every time he speaks to someone about this case and when i say mess i mean all of his conflicting statements in fact i figured he would actually send them a nasty message back telling them to fuck off or something if he even responded. But that didn't happen. Joe wrote back eager to talk and tell his story so the guys worked setting up a legal visit which proved to be next to impossible in ohio to get done in a timely manner and so we waited and waited. But in the meantime we couldn't wait time so we tracked down some other key witnesses. I

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