Biochemist Shawn Wells on the Benefits of Berberine as a Health Supplement


Have been talking about burbank for years. Because i've been talking about kito for twenty years and i've been talking about burberry for probably about half as long. It's one of the most houghton's anti-aging anti-diabetic key tone insulin sensitivity improving if improves amp k. Protects you from advanced location and products and glorification which is blood sugar damage. This is such a powerful compound. As is it's kind of drug equivalent metformin in so anyone associated with having diabetes or insulin resistance definitely as interested in metformin or the herbal equivalent of covering but certainly people that are into anti aging and looking to lower information with crp. Lower hemoglobin a. One c the blood sugar and live longer are taking things like verb ring. Or now the new form that i was involved in patents of kodi hydro bordering. So what's cool about die. Hydra ring is it's about five to ten times more bioavailable so it increases much more in the plasma at a much lower dose you only have to take about one hundred milligrams versus five hundred milligrams of burberry and also what's really cool is it lasts about twice as long in the plasma versus standard burglary so standard burberry. And you're taking five hundred milligrams three times a day and with diana jabbering you're taking around one hundred milligrams two times a

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