GM Advising Bolt EV Owners to Park 50 Feet Away from Other Cars

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General motors now advising chevy bolt owners to not park. Their cars are vs within fifty feet of another vehicle to reduce the risk of a potential fire spreading Driving around in the meantime what. Parking lot i mean. You'd better hope there some open spaces. I guess the got to be one of those great big parking. Lots ever see how people do that sometime. They think they have a nice car. You know what i mean. And they part so far he spots up so no one spots and park way for this. You got to do by necessity so you know cause a massive parking lot fire of vehicles that are there that warning comes after the automaker recalled more than one hundred and forty thousand of these vehicles due to the risk of their batteries randomly catching fire. I guess until you get it fixed. You need to do that I would assume that and now but where do you keep it. You don't wanna keep it in your driveway next to other cars. You probably want keep it in your house parked in your garage gnome where you keep all your your profile and your newspapers that you throw it out or this

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