Star Gymnasts Open about Their Experience with Nasar


Simone biles broke down yesterday while testifying about larry nassar in front of a group of senators. On capitol hill saying the us gymnastics and other agencies failed her and other abuse victims. Byles along with fellow former usa gymnastics michaela maroney maggie nicols and alley. Reisman told their stories in front of the senate judiciary committee yesterday. Only some of this audio It's it's very powerful. Yeah over the course of my gymnastics career. I have one twenty five world championship medals in seven olympic medals for team. Usa that record means so much to me. and i am proud of my representation of this nation gymnastics. I am also a survivor of sexual abuse. And i believe without a doubt that the circumstances that led to my abuse and allowed it to continue our directly the result of the fact that the organizations created by congress to oversee and protect me as an athlete. Usa gymnastics in the united states olympic and paralympic committee committee failed to do their jobs. She goes on to talk about sort of elude as to why she had The breakdown during the tokyo olympics and the michaela maroney said the fbi is at fault for much of this as most of you are probably aware i was molested by the us gymnastics national team in olympic team. Dr larry nassar in an actuality turned out to be more of a pedophile than he was a doctor. What i'm trying to bring attention today. It's something incredibly disturbing an illegal after telling my entire story of abuse to the fbi in the summer of two thousand fifteen not only did the fbi not report my abuse but when they eventually documented my report seventeen months later they made entirely false claims. About what i said. Yeah it's bad and it goes on from there The dr larry. Nassar was convicted of sexually abusing hundreds of women and girls at effectively receive life in prison after getting sense to one hundred and seventy five years behind bars. The hearing was held to discuss the epa failures with respect to their investigation into the team. Usa doctor

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