How To Keep Your Job On Vacation With Hubspot's Pamela Bump

MarTech Podcast


Pamela as marketers. Get a break as well. Some of us wanna take a vacation but you know marketing never stops how marketers keep their job while they're on vacation i think there's two elements to marketing teams keeping their jobs while on vacation. I you look at the marketer the marketer which i'll use myself as an example we've all been through a wild year we've had a lot of pivots. Twenty twenty was so wild and unprecedented. We all wanna break. I wanted a break. Everyone on my team definitely wants a break but we want to take that break without throwing any of our processes off so one of the things that i do is focused on really strong communication. I regularly have one on ones with teammates that i work with most often and at these one on ones i might give them a heads up saying. Hey i'm gonna take some time off at this time. If you're going to take some time off let me know. And then we'll come up with a plan of how we can best prepare each other for this time off so we make initial plans there and then on top of that. I will email my team. And i'll say just a heads up that next week. I will be off from this date to this date. Here is my out of office. Plan for example when i'm running emails. I usually schedule the blogs emails a week or so ahead of time. If i'm going to be out. But i will pick another responsible person. A. dr is what we call them. A designated responsible individual to take over the email of something needs to be changed or content. Isn't gonna go out that we've scheduled so that's one of those things l. Include in my out of office plan of who to reach out to. If something urgent happens. And i will also remind people of when they can reach out to my manager could she can make calls for me usually end. That's just a good way to remind people that i'll be out. Usually nothing urgent will happen in the summer. When i when i have taken time off but it's good to have that information and people know whether something is something they should email me about and i'll return the message as soon as i get back or if it's something needed to reach out to another teammate. About but i usually try to schedule as much in advance as possible and then make a little out of office plan.

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