A highlight from Statement by PM Johnson, President Biden and PM Morrison on AUKUS Agreement


Hey everybody welcome to law fair. No bull just a word on this series. We have been doing noble podcasts mostly for congressional hearings for a long time on the l'affaire podcast feed. We decided we wanted to do more of them. Incorporating a wider range of the public sound of the national security world so we spun it off as its own podcast. L'affaire no bull law fair. No bowl will feature primary source audio from a range of sources speeches congressional hearings court proceedings think tank events. Things that we think are interesting and that we think you'll think are interesting sometimes edited sometimes not as always thanks for listening today on law fair. Noble president biden announced a new partnership with the united kingdom and australia on wednesday september. Fifteenth speaking in the white house alongside video feeds of british prime minister boris johnson in australian prime minister scott morrison binding announced that the us will start sharing its technology for nuclear powered submarines. We are giving you all three speeches in their entire. I'm

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