International Scientists Say Booster Shots Are Not Necessary


Story that broke a few hours ago. We're now we have international group of experts. Saying no if the experts among group opposing US booster shot plan The authors include two leading vaccine reviewers at the FDA. Doctors fill Krause and marrying Gruber, who recently announced they will be stepping down this fall. Among the other 16 authors are leading vaccine researchers in the US, Britain, France, South Africa and India. Plus scientists with the World Health Organization, which already has urged a more tournament boosters. In the US The White House has begun planning for boosters later this month of both the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agree. Advisors to the FDA will weigh evidence about an extra fighter shot Friday to keep public meeting. Now the reason these two resigned and they are the two top experts at the FDA, not just to experts. Doctors fill Kraus man groupers, They said the Biden ministrations pressuring them. To approve the boosters. Georgetown University's Larry Gostin said the paper throws gasoline on the fire in the debate about whether most Americans truly need boosters whether the White House got ahead of the scientists. It's always a fundamental error process to make a scientific announcement before the public health agencies have acted and that's exactly what happened here is that Boston There's also a lawyer in public health specialists.

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