Bezosism: The Way Amazon Uses Tech to Squeeze Performance out of Workers


You think your boss is watching you at work. Monitoring your every move well if your manager is a series of cameras sensors and algorithms. Then you're not wrong. And that may also mean you work at an amazon fulfillment center. The company known for the detailed tracking of packages and user. Information is also tracking the movements of workers at its warehouses looking to precisely measure efficiency and increase productivity wall street. Journal's tech columnist christopher mims calls this bazo schism named after amazon founder jeff bezos. He's got an upcoming book about it called arriving today from factory to front door why everything is changed about how and what we buy any joins me now. Hi christopher hay zoey. Thanks for having me so christopher you coined the term bazo schism. What exactly does that mean so. Basis ism is the combination of sensors and software to measure. How well somebody is doing their job. And then use software which has of course logic or an algorithm in it which was defined by an engineer. Somewhere to then tell that worker okay. You're doing a good job or you're not doing a good job or you need to be doing this differently. And so bazo. Schism or management by algorithm or management by software. At the end of the day it is just about creating a set of rules and then handing it to a machine to enforce those roles so the person's boss is software. Okay can you tell us about some of those metrics. That amazon is gathering maybe give an example of how one of them works so the primary metric is just the rate at which somebody is doing something so the amount of time it takes them to complete any of the relevant tasks picking items off the shelf scanning them. Dropping him in a bin is their rate. So it's a very basic metric. It measures the one sort of performance. That bams on really cares about

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