18 Months Into the Pandemic and the USA Is Still Looking Grim

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Are the numbers on kovic. Eighteen months in about one hundred and fifty thousand. New cases are still being reported every single day in the us and more than six hundred sixty six thousand people in this country have died from cova. That's one in every five hundred of us joining us now to give us the latest is. Npr health correspondent rob stein. Robert situation sounds and seems pretty grim. Walk us through police if you could where things stand with the pandemic in the us. Yeah you know. The numbers are still staggering. About one hundred fifty thousand people are still catching the virus every day for the ninety six thousand or so sick. They're in the hospital and more than eighteen. Hundred people are still dying every day from covert nineteen. That's still not nearly as bad as things got during the darkest days of last winter. But it's still pretty awful and no one thought the pandemic would still be taking this kind of toll you know especially so many months after we all thought that vaccines would be like the calvary. Righty to our rescue. I talked about this with dr. She's the deed of the brown school of public health infection. Numbers across the country are really stunningly. Bad i mean hundred and fifty hundred sixty thousand americans getting infected every single day. It's really stunning. That this is where we are as a country and you know just tragic since the incredibly effective vaccines made so much of this totally preventable even in the face of the delta varian. So where is this headed. I mean are things just going to go from bad to worse it again. Yes that's what everyone is wondering right. You know every parent in america's holding their breath hoping their kids are going to stay in school every workers wondering what's going to happen with their jobs and you know there is a glimmer of hope actually looks like the surge may have hit a peak and could be finally starting to subside at least for

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