Finding Beauty in the Mundane


Beautiful. Things things that i find beauty in i i wanted to say that The point of this is is to remind you guys that To train your brain to seek What i call nectar to seek beauty and things in the mundane. I think that when you can do that Then you're doing less of this whole you know chasing things that you don't have i think when we have the ability and i think it is an ability In like any ability it requires a practice to find value and beauty and things that are in front of us Then we can create happy more so than Always chasing things that you know that we're we've been dreaming of or things that are you know shiny and big and all of that and this is just a reminder that there are things in front of us that are just as beautiful just as meaningful we just have to train our brain to seek them right to notice them to find them to stretch them to appreciate them. Okay things i find beauty in edges. I find beauty in the the. It doesn't matter if it's art film books. Whatever i find beauty in In risk in the obtuse in you know Things that may not be appropriate anything that moves you and usually what moves you are found on the edges not not so much in the middle where their

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