Author Rebekah Lyons on Depression and Consumer Addiction


Rebecca have to ask you. You know you say that in the devotional you deal with your own battles openly with anxiety and depression And i talked about that. That i talk about those things openly too because i never really dealt with anxiety but with depression series depression because you want people to know lots of people deal with this stuff and it's really hard but one thing you have on your list that you deal with a battle to deal with consumer impulses kind of like worrying about what other people think. I think a lot of people who they look like. Oh that's really wonderful christian person and they must have everything going on fine but if they're dealing with what what other people think too much You don't really notice it if they're dealing with consumer impulses people go on. That's just that's normal. We all shop. Or why did you list that here. And how do you. What do you mean by that. Because i do think. That's like one of those things where we can be released secretly and unconsciously. It's not like we're overtly sinning but in our hearts were giving something over that belongs to god in the end. These are all coping mechanisms. I believe that mask pain and so we're just looking for something that will give us that quick fix where we're a little less sad or a little less depressed or a little less anxious and so i come at this topic with a lot of compassion because so many people are in these categories. I mean we all have had life kinda thrown at us that looks different than because as a result of fall. That's just that's just the truth. And so the acceptance of that still comes back to going. Am i trying to numb out. Am i trying to escape through whatever that coping mechanism looks like you could call it. Consumer impulses are just like shopping online. It could be a netflix binge. It could be just too much wine. It could be anything and it's more going. What are we. What are we reaching to to numb out or to escape versus coming to god and going god. Here is the the lament of my heart. Here's the longing or the loss that i feel. I think sometimes we. We don't give god that brutal honesty because we fear that it's not a righteous or holy way to engage

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