Dave Eggers: Is Limitless Choice a Good Thing?



So let's start talking about this book the every so it's a sequel to your two thousand thirteen book the circle which is about a search company that bears its will essentially or possibly facebook. Tell me why you decided to write. This sequel in which the circle gobbles up in ecommerce company named after south american jungle so basically amazon and creates the every Which one character called the most monopolistic control hungry corporation ever to plague the world. So why do the sequel tell me how you thought about this. Well i think you know. When when i was done with the circle i had never thought about a sequel never written a sequel to anything and But i kept taking notes. And i sort of you know would jot things down over time and i remember at one point A friend of mine who She treats students at a college. She's that she was on campus psychologist and She was saying that the thing that her students came in with more than anything. The thing that problem that plagued them was choice. There were anxious about a lot of things but more and more students needed how more and more students were plagued with like unlimited choices unlimited. Input too much to think about on a given day and too many choices to make on a given day. And i thought that was really interesting because we would think you know at this sort of apex point of human evolution. We would want all these choices and sort of that would be some sort of glorious now plays to arrive at that we could order anything and have it arrive at our doorstep the next morning but these kids were far more anxious than they had been ten years before in fifteen years before and i thought well that's an interesting starting point and what if there were a monopoly that would not only sort of tell you which choices are correct which ones are the most You know beneficial to the environment and progressive in different ways and they would help you given your preferences and algorithm ick sort of determined personality. They'd help you become a better version of yourself and the ultimate version of yourself as a personal person and a member of the broader

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