Afghan Refugees Headed to 46 States


People who've served afghanistan but none of them from your perspective Axios reports thirty-seven thousand. Afghan refugees are coming in your state of florida. You'll get a thousand mississippi. Getting ten north dakota getting forty-nine ohio's getting fifty five i put it out in. America has between three hundred four hundred thousand churches. We can absorb thirty-seven thousand. Afghans and people. Ask me well. What are they like. I actually don't know so. I thought i'd ask you. What do you think we'll find among our new americans. Well let me start by saying in my beloved state of florida. I'd be happy to get five thousand and these are hard working people and let me tell you something hugh we know in florida about people who flee persecution they were called cubans. They came here and built an extraordinary community in south florida. The community that cuban-americans help build this state in the sixty seventies eighties today or a vibrant part of it. I expect nothing less from the afghans. And let me tell you. It's not just what are afghans light. It's what are these afghan. Like in. So there i would say to you. Hey how much. Courage in true grit and determination. Does it take to put your two year old on your back. Grab your four year olds. Hand picture yourself in this situation. Fight your way through those crowds. Get through that airport and get a ride out and finally make it here. I want that person on my team and like the hunger games so they are in my long association with afghans. Warm charming friendly funny hard working is going to be nothing. But a plus up for this nation of immigrants. I would say let's take all the afghans we can get and i'll close hugh you and i are both young enough to remember the arrival of vietnamese american community. Hello california do you think that's been a plus up for the golden state i do.

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