The Benefits of a Plant-Based Keto Diet for Cancer


I wanted to ask you something. Specific about this This plant based kito for cancer. Because i read a very interesting article you had online. And i want you to bring out from that. What is the number one. Food that cancer cells love and that we should avoid. Yeah absolutely well cancer cells. They thrive on sugar. So they are what we call anaerobic and so they don't need the presence of oxygen like he talked about and they break down sugar and they produce a lot of metabolic waste and they literally survive on sugar. And so you know we're going to prevent cancer or we're going to heal cancer. One of the key strategies is reducing significantly reducing the intake of sugar and starch. So now this this brings into an interesting dichotomy here because some people use a vegan diet to overcome cancer and they do but there may be a better way of doing that here. You talk about a plant based diet being different than what someone would call a vegan diet and what plant exclusive diet so so. What's the difference. There so vegan diet is going to be completely devoid of animal products whereas a plan based ketogenic diet. Like what i teach is just. It really means that plants. We're going to be the majority of the diet right. So let's say eighty maybe even ninety percent of the diet plant based utilizing certain animal products that provide high nutrient density and are lower in particularly protein. And we can talk about that as we as we go on. Okay now that may be very interesting to some folks who have adopted a kito die because usually when people say kito. They see the complete absence of carbs and mostly protein and fat. But you're talking about you know a lot of green foods that inherently have a lot of the Have a lot of fiber which you know brings that carbohydrate count down to a low net carbs. Could you explain how that works. Yeah absolutely so when we look at carbs we'd got sugar starch and fibre really the main carbohydrates that we look at now. The ones that we digest and break down into glucose or sugar in our bloodstream or sugar and starch fibers in digestible. By our bodies our gut bacteria will break it down and no produce b vitamins in different nutrients from it but basically fiber is not counted. It's not going to elevate your blood sugar and so you can. Consume high amounts of fiber and fiber has great benefits for helping pull out toxic bile out of our system helping support our microbiome helping detoxify our body so So getting a good amount of fiber when you're when you are when you cancer or when you're trying to prevent cancer is really good strategy and plant foods really provide a great megadose of fiber. We're looking for plant. Foods that are lower in sugar lower in starched we call them. The non starchy

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