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I mean how did we like Part of me wants to answer that in a broader question. But i don't wanna do that because they don't want to have any snark Technically i kind of Shove do you and dan danko to hurry. You in an. I dove behind you and curled up as i dove. A sink to librarian was lakers librarian. Maybe didn't see that Through shoot which was a book. Shoot it. It always wanted to do this. Not in a book shoot in a movie like usually be laundry shoot So we dove to get away Show but are you done dangle. Do you mean something more specific than that yet. Can you start with Don't start at the beginning. Like in a snarky way but Lee which do you have. Do you have a further line of inquiry for. Aw yay would Would actions to dawn. Take that had us end up In here in. How did we get here soon. Doll why don't you start with We got to library island which denier seeming to to think that some things happened before we got to library island is that you didn't tell us about and then something so could you take it from there. Aw sure i'm just wondering though Before i answer questions. Dan danko from lady which lady lady which beard Shouldn't we be figures should we shouldn't. We shouldn't we okay. I guess you're right. This is i remember when you said the sparta lady which beards process. So i should just answer my questions. Right dan danko. It's almost like you could feel both of you looking at me. Even though i can't see the one of you okay. And i don't know for how much you know. All this done danko but it seems like information should be freely flowing so there was a man there is a ma- magical map rate That was a map that led us year. It was stuck to my hand by magic. Some sort of magical force. You know all that redundant dangle. Yes yes keep going so the magical map is what led us to library island in search of answers. I think we all can agree upon nat.

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