Lukaku Looks for Chelsea Return



Raking holiday to join us to discuss roman lucon q. And the possibility of joining chelsea before we get to that. Let's you back to july. Shall we say to say revenue. Kaku is untouchable for us. This summit we can say yes absolutely. Lukarco is not for sale. New cargo is an important piece on the chessboard. Available to in zoghbi. However obviously the story has snowballed over the last seventy two hours. These were protests today from the inter. Milan fans saying board. pay attention. Promises should be but it looks like new kaku is returning to chelsea. Gazettes us saying lukarco towards goodbye. Meanwhile credit sports saying lukaku atmosphere of farewell. Gab this is gonna happen isn't it certainly pointing in that direction. And the reason is and you saw signs from from injuries. Alturas interest supporters The papers they know what's happening at inter they know the degrade financial difficulties that the parent company soon has faced. They were told that there had to be cutbacks That's part of the reason why antonio conte left but there were also told that okay Hakeem he's moving on and we're gonna cash on hand And that's it. You saw those words from dr Now it's a little more subtle it's not just about not selling lukaku. Also they said if it comes in does go and we accept that we get stupid price for him. You have to sell them We want that money reinvested in the team. And it's not fair that that's going to happen. as opposed to in the money may be flowing back out to the parent company or perhaps simply being used to pay down the debt And that's really the crux of the matter. Their

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