Symptoms of Mold Exposure


Two questions one. What are some of the symptoms of mold exposure and to can a family that lives in the same house. Have one person that has symptoms of mold exposure while other people in the family don't and then to expound on that. If i'm thinking answer's yes if so why does it happen. Okay so yes. You're correct answers. Yes basically how this works. Everybody has their own you know immune systems and their own. Let's call him talk city levels right. You have thresholds certain people are gonna reach those thresholds fashion others and there's so many variables right so for instance if the husband or wife getting. Let's say and they're not feeling well a could be because when they were a kid they were exposed to environmental exposures. That kind of are at that helped them reach that threshold sooner than the other person so not point there they have. They're having these exposures they're starting to just it just gets triggered it gets exacerbated and essentially they start feeling these effects way worse than than some other people i. I noticed usually in a family of four. It's usually one of four or two of the four that are not feeling well and the other two are typically fine which can make things a little difficult in terms of just getting that support system that you need. It's hard to. It's hard to support someone around. Something you haven't experienced yourself aren't human nature. Essentially what are the symptoms of a range. I would say the biggest implants that year of our brain fog. Chronic fatigue syndrome have eczema skin. Rashes is etcetera. You have definitely cognitive impairment on top of the brain fog. Were you know you're it's not just like you're taking longer to come up with thoughts. You're losing trains of thought entirely. I'll have from on the phone. And i'm asking questions Like just mid stride dif- completely forgot what they're talking about or were they. Were you know we just obviously have the patience to kinda talk things through in and get them back on track. I it's really. It's really sad and scary. Stop while the other things respiratory infection in respiratory disease a you have basically the onset of cold never quite goats those away. These allergy like

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