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The most life threatening to use situation. That you've been in. That wasn't actually life threatening. Oh that just seems like hurting. Actually just yes you to you. I have a have a like a irrational fear of porta-pottys. So because there's all these like little nooks and crannies and qadis and i'm just terrified that when i go in there i'm going to see like a big trench crawl out from hiding spots in there yet. This message is gonna dream or something that i had but whatever it's caused it and irrational fear so anytime i go into a party. It's like lyford. My body thinks it's life or death because i'm ready to like run out of my pants at my ankles for the moment. I see a transplant. One day. i will do that so the dude you would not have survived overseas man. No no in the first place you go to when you go like iraq afghanistan. I'm like that. Is you go to kuwait right and hang out there until your unit. You know you ship off to whatever going but there's porta potties everywhere and that's all you. Can you know yeah. This is the porta potties. And they are nasty. I mean they get cleaned on a regular basis but they are being asked when you have like fifty soldiers that are only get maurice for the past month. Go in there. I can imagine food. Yeah yeah no lord see for me. The most dangerous life threatening situation. I swear to god i was going to die in. That is perfectly safe. I was in a scissor louder or scissor. whatever sizzling. Yeah yeah the lift things. Yeah so i was up in the air and all said and of bunch cables for this one life production doing combat crowd and it was pretty cool. We just had to run all the wires up on top of the stands where everybody was hanging out at which is perfectly fine for normal people but for me who is deathly afraid of heights. In every way. This was the hardest thing i've ever done in my entire life having a crawl up on top of these freaking things man crawl from the scissor lift to the top. You know where you're going to for one. That's scary shit. Of course one. Just look down your your harness or anything on those or you just revolt. You're supposed to so this is going to be an osha. Violation these days of before learning about osha violations. Okay i didn't know but yes you're supposed to but that one's on me what's going on guys. Welcome to this episode of uncovered cinema. I'm brian and i'm will yes and we're Deathly afraid of things. That will not kill us. Although i think yours will would have killed. You are very close to it. I at least some damage would have occurred. Yeah i also get vertigo from freaking the stratosphere you know i Definitely almost killed by self changing light bulbs in the ceiling before. Because i get a little you know. Verdict going is calling in a fall. Yeah little wobbly so unnecessary today. We're going to be checking out space jam right of space jam. Not just the new legacy. But we're also going to be comparing it to the original space jam with michael jordan michael jordan. Yes in this is Lebron james king as a call him so we're enes that later i'm still going with satan calls colts but you know you have your opinion. We'll get into it later but the amount of like i don't know grappling gripping of the downward area that the studio does on lebron. James is a little bit excessive. Exactly yeah armed but before we get into the episode before we into all that. I want to bring you guys some industry news. Some stuff i thought was interesting and wanted to share with you so the first thing that's gonna come up is kind of obvious if you followed any of the space jam legacy news. It's the boobs of money or lack thereof.

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