Life's Tapestry With Florence Taylor

Stitch Please


Hello y'all lawrence. Taylor is a delight. She does so much in. Continues is so much in the sewing community. She is one of those reliable trustworthy voices that i turned to she works with so many different companies in different capacities supporting so many small business owners so many small black business owners so many small black women business owners through the fabric industry. And i'm so grateful for it. So i welcome in. I want get started with a channel brought umbrella of a question. It you're writing lawrence taylor. The play on broad wish and part of her character description was a sewing philosophy. What would it be. I look at sowing as my love. Language to myself to my family to my friends. So it's wearable of wearable ma. That is so beautiful because sewing. Came from a place of love for me. When i didn't think i I was worthy of it and when he was missing in terms of avoid of my mom. passing away so when anybody that i love where something that i think. They have to know that little whisper into the sewing. That's why so with an old machine. I whisper thoughts. And i say things. Like if i'm making something for my son i in this climate when i make him something a mike i hope this is bright in someone sees him. I hope that this doesn't attract too much attention but yet big him stand out. I hope that when he's walking invest. Someone sees it he. He's somebody that is worthy to still make it home. I'm not even kidding. I literally whispered these incantations for him for my husband and even for my daughter. Sometimes i just want them to be noticed in the sense that they're remembered they don't have to be more.

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