Budget Package Includes Plan for Pathway to Citizenship, Green Cards for Millions


Sit around and act surprised At at what. Lindsey graham was complaining about on the senate floor. Oh this is going to be a problem now. Because now it's going to dramatically increase the number of green cards and an ad amnesty for illegals as jazz. Shaw writes over hot air. It's unclear how many green cards democrats aim to make newly available through the legislation. The immigration provisions are apparently inspired by. Biden's promise to green cards available to family members of other green card recipients regardless of annual caps. I mean all this immigration we have an immigration crisis. And they just they're gonna make it worse bernie. Sanders is celebrating the bill as the most consequential piece of legislation for working people the elderly the children the sick and the poor since fdr and the new deal of the nineteen thirties as jazz. Put it high praise indeed from the guy who helped write it And you know it's interesting this article. We've been looking for articles that kind of explain. What's in the bill listened to jazz. Shaw at hot air dot com wrote on august the tenth. The world is currently crazy enough. That i will rarely rule out. Anything is a possibility. But even with that said i find it rather unlikely that this bloated democratic wishlist of a budget will survive long enough to make it to reconciliation oaths hoops. Guess what here it is here. It is middle of the night three in the morning party. Line vote no. Republicans voted for it. After what how. Many republicans voted for infrastructure nineteen. What what what's their thinking. What's your mindset.

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