Several San Jose Sharks Teammates Don't Want Evander Kane Back on the Team


Craig, if you can believe that. I feel like that. We've heard that before. Somewhere with Evander Kane surprising I don't know. I guess you know what? When? When he had left to San Jose. I You know, like, okay, so I always kind of wished the best for players. Always do you know if if a guy's got off ice issues or whatever you hope that he can figure it out and You know what I mean and grow from it right? And when he went to San Jose I thought Was good for the same as that he was gone. Um, thank Yeah. But I also thought when you know when he lands there, and Joe Thornton picks him up and brings him to his house. I think, Okay, this is going to be a a new turn for Evander Kane here because he's going to have you know a good mentor there with Jumbo and Other good leaders that they had there in San Jose. And I thought, you know what this could be beneficial for. Um, So here's to hoping that You can you can sharpen up. You know, And then here we are. And so, so Kevin Kurtz has been on our show before yesterday was reporting that Players. On San Jose. We're talking about How they don't want him back. Says the team was trying to trade Kane earlier this summer, a source says, confirming a report from the daily face off. A big part of the reason for the team to pursue a deal was canes strained relationship with many of his teammates, according to several sources, According to one source. The frustration with Kane stem from the general disrespect of team rules such as being late for practices and games. And zero consequences came, which caused ripple effect with other younger players, added the source. According to another source, it wasn't easy dealing with him this season, so We'll talk about another

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