Stevie Nicks Cancels All 2021 Performances Over Coronavirus


Of shows all the shows this year and she says it's due to the coronavirus. She said that she goes while I'm vaccinated. At my age. I'm still extremely cautious, she says. For that reason, decided to skip five performances that I had planned for 2021. So she was going to she was going to be headlining a spot this fall. In Atlanta, and she was going to be in Austin City. Limits of food fighters are going to replace in Atlanta, Dharan Dharan is going to replace her in Austin City limits and heck, I may go to that. That's pretty amazing. So, but she said it's because of the delta variant. She just wants to be safe, etcetera, etcetera, So people have to make decisions that they they think is best for them. And you can't fault people for doing that, right? Southwest Airlines,

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