Beware When Scanning QR Codes

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The show to learn about special financing for talking tech listeners listeners. It's brent molina here. Welcome back to talking tech co host. Mike snyder is off today as you may have noticed over the past year plus. Qr codes have taken off short for quick response code. Qr codes feature a matrix. Barcode user skin scan to pull up information such as restaurant menus by simply using your camera. You've probably seen them on flyers and signs at different places or you've seen him online they're basically a square and it looks like a bar code and you use your camera diskette it. It's super easy supercomputing. There is one big problem though scammers. Love him too which is why they're using. Qr codes to trick consumers. Detroit free press columnist susan. Tom poor writes about this protect. Usa today dot com. These qr scams can come in various forms for example one victim of the scam told the better business bureau that they had received a fraudulent letter about consolidating their student loans. It included a qr code that appeared to link to the official student aid dot gov website. The qr code also came in this letter which again looked very official and look legitimate. And that's how the scam works experts. Describe these in a similar way too phishing scams you get the qr code. Then you're sent to a link where you're asked to plug in more information. And then that's how the scammers get what they need and these can come from anywhere. It's not just something you might get. A text message might be an email. You might even see him out in public on flyers when you're out and about so what do you do to avoid a scam like this. Well a susan rights. Yes several tips for one. Don't open links from people you don't know that's number one and that's for anything any email. Whatever if you see link from someone you're not familiar with don't open it. The other thing to do is verify the source if you recognize who it is whether it's a government agency or a company. Take some time to confirm it on their website. Just to be safe

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