Number of journalists killed worldwide increases in 2018


Information also died while three hundred forty eight were held in tension around the world of the people in total listed as killed the group determined forty nine were deliberately targeted quote because they're reporting threatened the interest of certain people in positions of political economic or religious power or organized crime. The report said the other thirty one died in the field while reporting. The deadliest country for reporters in two thousand eighteen was Afghantistan where fifteen died in violent attacks such as bombings followed by Syria with eleven and Mexico with nine the US made it into the top five deadliest countries for journalists this year for the first time with six dying. Most of those died in a shooting at a Maryland newspaper earlier this year a Bill that would restore press freedom for tribally funded media on the Muskogee creek nation in Oklahoma has reached the desk of principal chief James Floyd, national native news, art Hughes reports the journal record newspaper reports the Muskogee national council approved legislation over the weekend. That reverses a November decision to give tribal executives editorial power over Muskogee media. The new legislation reinstates the three member and editors and tribal officials

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