Josh Norman: Taylor Lewan’s move “ultimate disrespect”


We see the interpersonal rivalries being developed, but for Josh Norman, I feel really bad because it was the ultimate sign of disrespect to have killer over there Bacchus celebration in his face. And then right when Josh Norman wanted to fight him. He turns around and says, you know, what you're so little you can't do anything to hurt me. So I'm just gonna turn around and put my back to you. Because no matter what happens I'm going to be okay. That was to me. Ultimate sign of disrespect. And Josh Norman should be feeling pretty salty this week. I shouldn't since we're talking about the one on the titans team that has been kind of up and down this year. They found a way to manufacture some victories running the football. When needed a good defense when needed playing the upstart colts. Now, Andrew luck who after struggling to start the season of looked really good in their offensive line appears to be playing well doing a much better job on the defensive side. Also stopping the run the primetime Sunday matchup and essentially in a win if you're in or winning your endgame who do you like there? Oh, this is going to be a fun game. It's gonna be in my opinion. My most exciting game this weekend. The times have been really good at home or six and one at home right now the season they're playing this game at Nissan stadium in Nashville. And I think the titans are going to win this game. Marcus mariota. He's a guy that just finds a way to win. He doesn't have the best arm in the NFL. He's not the best passer, but his combination of his accuracy, his running ability. And then his just ability to find a way to win in those close games, in my opinion is going

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